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meet your baker

Thanks for checking out my gallery! My name is Denise and I started baking several years ago now with box cake mixes after living the first half of my life hating the kitchen. Of course, I almost always burned anything I tried to make. The idea of "creaming butter" felt like a myth to me for the longest time, but I kept at it. I don’t like being so terrible at things. Once I figured it out, I tried my hand at some recipes from scratch and after many years of trial and error, I am happy to offer only the good stuff to you fine people! 


​For those of you with dietary restrictions, I am happy to offer flavors other than just a simple chocolate and/or vanilla. If you look at the item descriptions, you can see if a flavor can be made Gluten Free or Vegan. Please know that all cupcakes are made in the same kitchen. That means there is always a chance of cross contamination in spite of how careful I might be. Should you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.



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